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Manufacturer and Supplier of Steam Car Washer

Steam is a natural source available in nature. Artificial Steam is produced by applying heat to water. Using Steam in car washing is the best alternative. Steam destroys all types of harmful bacteria and viruses available in nature. A Steam Car washer is a type of machine which operates on electricity. It cleans better than other car washing techniques. Steam car washer produces steam from electricity and stores it into a steam container. A gun-type structure is attached to the steam container. An operator is involved in using the steam car washer. It is a very good technology for car washing. It is cheap and portable. It uses less time in car washing as compared to other car washer techniques. It saves time not only for the operator but also for the customer. We at Sea Man Power System manufacture and supply all types of steam car washers from the Andheri area of Mumbai. We are well-known traders for all types of steam washers.

Steam Car Washer



Type 0-500 (kg/hr)
Voltage 210V
Motor Power 1HP